Thank You Letter to Hamilton Health Sciences For Not Fundraising With Sarah Palin

Hi There:

I sent the following letter yesterday, and thought I should follow it up with a thank you letter for agreeing to disassociate Sarah Palin with Hamilton Health Sciences. While I understand that those at a higher level in your executive and administration may be grumbling over the immediate lost funds, I hope that this action signifies that you understand the damage that such an appearance would have long-term on the Hamilton Health Sciences brand.

It is important that a Canadian organization never be seen as supporting those who believe in the privatization of health care, and I am very glad that you made the decision to not support these viewpoints by not being a beneficiary of Palin’s speech. I’m sure there are many more like me who are not writing you letters about it, as people are more likely to write letters when they are angry than when they are satisfied with an outcome. You can count me as back on board with the HHS brand.

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